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Jpi x ray parameters

Jpi x ray is placed between the human body and the film. movable x-ray grid can filter out most of the scattered lines, and only a small part of the scattered lines will be missed.
1 focal length: the vertical distance from the lead convergence line to the grid plate surface, f
2 grid ratio: also known as grid ratio, is the ratio of lead height to lead clearance, R
Grid density: the number of lead bars within the range of unit distance, N
Exposure coefficient B:
Jpi x ray parameters
It is generally considered that the exposure coefficient of jpi x ray is one of the criteria to measure a filter grid. The exposure coefficient B is the ratio of the exposure required to obtain the same density value when not using jpi x ray and after using the filter grid.
The B value is generally between 2 and 6. The smaller the B value of the filter grid with the same performance, the better. In addition, jpi X-ray will be used when the limb thickness exceeds 15cm in X-ray photography.
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