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Price of fixed x-ray grids.

Parameters of fine X ray grid

Newheek fixed x-ray grids are mainly the x-ray grids acting for Korean JPI. As the agent of Korean JPI x-ray grids in Shandong Province, Newheek mainly acts as the agent of 6X8, 8×10, 10×12, 14×17, 17×17 and other X-ray grids of different sizes. It can be used with chest X-ray machine, gastrointestinal machine and DR flat panel detector.

Many customers come to inquire about our fixed x-ray grids. First of all, we need to know the specific parameters of the x-ray grids that customers need, including size, focal length, grid ratio and grid density. Because different sizes and sizes of x-ray grids have different prices and ranges of use, if you want to know our prices for x-ray grids, please tell us the relevant parameters.

Protection of X ray grid in bucky radiology

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