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The influence of grid on the quality of X-ray pictures

I received an inquiry today, and the customer is going to buy the grid used in DR equipment. The grid plays a key role in the image of medical equipment and can filter out the scattered rays to make the image clearer.
The lead strips arranged obliquely on the grid are elongated along the oblique direction of the lead strips and can be gathered into a straight line. The distance from this straight line to the grid is the focal length of the grid. The distance between the X-ray tube and the grid should be close to it. When the gap is too large, the X-ray incident angle at the edge of the grid is inconsistent with the inclination angle of the grid’s lead strip, and it will be absorbed a lot, which will reduce the edge density of the photo. When tilting the X-ray tube, the tilting direction should be parallel to the longitudinal arrangement direction of the lead strip, otherwise the X-ray will be absorbed a lot because of the angle with the lead strip; , Otherwise it will cause the same result; when high de-scattering rate is required, a large grid ratio or a cross-type grid can be selected. When a cross-type grid is used, the X-ray shall not be oblique in any direction.
In daily work, the exposure conditions should be selected scientifically according to different situations, and the equipment of the grid method should be selected, while taking into account the protection of patients, the X-ray film taken can obtain more useful information.



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