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The parallel grid x ray

A parallel grid x ray is used to filter out the effects of scattered rays on the film.The film should be placed between the human body and the film to filter out the effects of scattered rays. Most of the scattering lines can be filtered out, and only a small part of the scattering lines can escape.As x-rays pass through the body, the Compton effect creates scattering lines, which fog the image and reduce contrast.To improve the image quality, it is necessary to reduce the influence of scattered lines on the image. The most effective method is to use the filter gate.
General parallel grid x ray conventional grid density is 40L/cm (103L/In), 52L/cm (130L/In) and 60L/cm (150L/In).Filter grid and other parameters can be customized.
According to the structure of the filter grid, the filter grid can be divided into:
1. Convergence gate: each lead bar is inclined to the focus, that is, the lead bar extension line is focused at the focus.
2. Parallel grid x ray: each lead strip is parallel to each other in the vertical plane.
3. Cross grid: it is composed of two parallel grids, and the direction of lead strips is 90° from each other.
4, arc grid: from the center to the outward extension of the same radius superimposed, tile sheet.
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