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The selection of x ray grid

When filming check, it is important to x ray grid medical accessories, the working principle of x ray grid is closely arranged by lead is used to absorb scattering line, make the thickness of the chest and abdomen position photography resolution enhancement, help physicians more accurately judge lesions, prescribe treatment plan for patients, but due to the use of x ray grid, had to raise incident dose of patients.
The size, focal length, grid ratio, grid density and other factors should be considered when distributing the filter grid for the film cassette of X-ray machine, IP plate of CI or DR.The main parameters are as follows,
Size: 6X8(15X20cm) 9X11 (23X28cm) 11X13 (28X33cm) 12X15 (30X38cm)
13X16 (33X40cm) 15X15 (38X38cm) 15X18 (38X46cm) 18X18 (46X46cm)
Focal length: The vertical distance from the converging line of the lead strip to the surface of the grid plate, represented by F.Common F: 100cm 180cm short focus can replace long focus. The range of use must be ≥ marked focal length
Grid density: the number of lead strips per unit distance, represented by N In terms of 40L/cm (103L/In), 52L/cm (130L/In) and 60L/cm (150L/In).
Grid ratio: is the ratio of lead bar height to lead bar clearance, represented by R 6:1 8:1 10:1 12:1
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