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The X-ray grid install it upside down X-ray grid will reduce image quality

Earlier, we have made a detailed understanding of the technical principles of the X-ray grid, its ability to absorb scattered lines, and the factors that can affect its ability to absorb scattered lines. How can we use it correctly after the technology such as specifications and principles?
The X-ray grid should be standardized when it is used, otherwise it will not play the role of filtering scattered rays, and will not achieve the purpose of use. The grid is divided into two sides, the front side is the focusing plane. The focusing plane and the focal plane literally understand the side facing the focus of the X-ray tube, that is, the side with the convergence line. When placing the grid, be sure to focus on the X-ray incident direction. The opposite side of the focal plane is called the back focal plane. Pay attention to the X-ray irradiation direction during exposure. The centerline of the X-ray can be tilted by a certain angle according to the tilt direction of the lead bar on the basis of not deviating from the centerline of the grid, so that the X-ray radiation direction is consistent with the lead bar direction. This can ensure that the maximum amount of the original emission line passes through the X-ray grid to ensure the quality of the image.
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