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There are many customers inquiring about x ray grid

There are many customers who have inquired about x ray grid. Let’s take a look at the common problems of x ray grid.
The principle of x ray grid:
The x ray grid is the best choice to eliminate scattered rays, and the image will become clearer.
When should you use x ray grid:
When the thickness of the illuminated object is greater than 10cm, the x ray grid should be used.
How is x ray grid produced:
Ordinary grid: aluminum and lead bars are cut into pieces, stacked together, and then packaged with aluminum or carbon.
Breast grid: cut the graphite plate first, then fill with lead, and finally encapsulate it as a whole
Common specifications and definitions of x ray grid:
Grid density: how many wire pairs per centimeter (cm)/inch (inch)
Grid ratio: the ratio of the thickness of the x ray grid to the width of the lead gap
Size: common size 15’’*18’’ inches, 18’’*18’’ inches and other customized sizes
Focal length: the distance between the tube and the grid bottom plate
What is the relationship between scattered rays and dose:
The tube voltage directly determines the quality of the ray, which is the softness and hardness of the ray. The energy spectrum distribution of the ray directly determines the number of scattered rays. In general, the larger the dose, the more scattered rays.
Why the higher the tube voltage, the more scattered rays:
The scattered rays excited by high energy rays are more concentrated and powerful, while the scattered rays excited by low energy rays are scattered and weak.
How to choose the x ray grid correctly:
High tube voltage should choose x ray grid with high grid ratio, above 90kV, choose 10:1 or above grid, below 90kV, choose less than 8:1 grid
How to place the x ray grid:
The side with the vertical line or the label is facing up, and the cross line used to mark the collimator should be aligned with the line in the middle of the x ray grid.
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