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Center for Disease Prevention and buy X-ray grid

Recently, the Hebei Center for Disease Control called us to inquire about X-ray grid: size 15*18, focal length: 1.8 meters, grid ratio 14:1, mainly used for pneumoconiosis films on chest radiograph racks, and also want to purchase imported Two pairs of quick-increasing screens. Customers said they used South Korean X-ray grids before.
Tell the customer that our X-ray grid is imported from South Korea JPI. According to its requirements, the grid density is at least 130 lines/inch or 150 lines/inch. This price is more expensive and needs to be customized. If the grid ratio is 14:1, it is necessary to further determine whether Korean manufacturers can make special orders, because the grid ratio can be as large as 12:1. Custom processing time is at least 40 days. Let customers finally confirm whether they want 130 lines/inch, 12:1, or 150 lines/inch, 12:1. In addition, for medium-speed intensifying screens, our company only has domestically produced ones, not imported ones. It is recommended that customers contact the intensifying screen manufacturers directly for consultation.
The final customer decided to purchase an X-ray grid with a size of 15*18, a focal length of 1.8 meters, a grid ratio of 12:1, and a grid density of 150 lines/inch. Sign a purchase contract with the customer, and the contract stipulates that the goods will be shipped within 40 days, and the goods will be shipped after the payment is received. You can first issue a general VAT invoice and mail it to the customer.
It can be concluded from the above inquiry that: X-ray grids of the same size have different grid ratios and grid densities, so when communicating with customers, at least four aspects of size, grid ratio, grid density and focal length should be used to confirm , It’s best to let it capture the label and parameters of the original device. The specific description of the parameters is as follows:
1. Size: length * width, the unit is generally inches, and can also be cm, expressed in S;
2. Ratio: also called grid ratio and grid ratio, it is the ratio of the lead bar height to the lead bar gap, expressed by R;
3. Line rate: the number of lead bars within a unit distance, expressed in N;
4. Focus distance: the vertical distance from the convergence line of the lead bar to the surface of the grid, which is indicated by f.
Dear users, if you purchase an X-ray grid next time, I believe you should know all the parameters of the X-ray grid. If you have any questions, Please contact us.

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