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Types and structure of fixed X-ray grid

Convergence grid: There is a layer of flat plate on the outside of the X-ray grid, which protects the lead strip inside the X-ray grid and the gap between the lead strips. The strip between the lead strip and the lead strip The direction of the focus convergence line is arranged obliquely to ensure that the horizontal extension lines of each lead bar are brought together, and then the upper and lower packages are encapsulated with aluminum plates.

The characteristic of the convergence grid is that each lead bar inside it is inclined at a certain angle from the center lead bar to the center to ensure that the horizontal extension lines of the lead bars converge together, and the line that converges together is called Convergence line. The point where the convergence line intersects the vertical line at the center of the X-ray grid is called the focal point.

Parallel grid: The external structure of the X-ray filter grid is the same as that of the focusing grid, and the aluminum lead protects the internal lead strips and the paper strip filler between the lead strips, but the internal lead strip structure is different. The internal lead strip of the parallel grid is on the longitudinal axis Arranged and parallel to each other.

Cross gate: After understanding the parallel gate structure, the understanding of the cross gate is very simple. You can understand the cross gate as two parallel gates placed cross each other.

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