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Types and structures of x ray grid

There are many kinds of X-ray grids, which can be divided into three types according to their structures: convergent grid, parallel grid and cross grid. The types of X-ray grids are described separately below.
The converging gate is the most widely used among the converging gate, parallel gate and cross gate. The structural characteristics of the converging gate are analyzed emphatically.
Structure: converging grid: there is a flat plate outside the x-ray grid to protect the lead bars inside the filter gridx ray grid and the paper fillers in the gap between the lead bars, in which the paper fillers between the lead bars are inclined to the direction of the focus converging line to ensure that the horizontal extension lines of each lead bar are converged together, and then the aluminum plate is used to package them up and down.
Parallel grid: the external structure of the parallel grid is the same as that of the focusing grid, and the aluminum plate protects the internal lead and the paper filler in the lead gap, but the internal lead structure is different, and the internal lead of the parallel grid is arranged on the longitudinal axis and parallel to each other.
Cross grid: after understanding the parallel grid structure, the understanding of cross grid is very simple. The cross grid can be understood as two parallel grids crossing each other.
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