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What is the grid?

The term filter grid is not unfamiliar to everyone. So what is the filter grid in the end, or what role does the grid play?
The main function of the grid is to filter out the scattered lines. The scattered rays are caused by a special effect of a part of the X-rays passing through the human body, so that the original X-rays change the direction of propagation, and the rays having different propagation directions are called scattered lines.

The types of grids are rich, and they are mainly divided into three types according to their structure: parallel grid, cross grid and focusing grid. The most commonly used filter grid is the focus grid. The structural characteristics between the three types of grids are: parallel grids: the vertical axes of the lead bars are arranged in parallel with each other. Crossing grid: It consists of two parallel grids intersecting at an angle of 90°. Focal length grid: Lead strips are inclined at a certain angle and finally their extension lines meet.


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