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What is the grid of the convergence grid?

The convergence grid, the parallel grid, and the cross grid are the most widely used in the grid, and the structural characteristics are analyzed.

Structure: Convergence grid: There is a flat plate on the outside of the grid to protect the gap between the lead strip and the lead strip inside the grid. The strip filler between the lead strip and the lead strip is concentrated at the focus. The direction of the lines is arranged obliquely to ensure that the horizontal extension lines of each lead strip are brought together and then packaged up and down with an aluminum plate.

Parallel grid: The external structure is the same as the focusing grid. The aluminum strip protects the strips of the inner lead strip and the lead strip, but the internal lead strip structure is different. The inner bars of the parallel grid are arranged on the vertical axis and parallel to each other. .

Cross-gate: The understanding of the cross-grid after understanding the parallel-gate structure is very simple. The cross-over can be understood as the two parallel gates are arranged to cross each other.


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